08.05.2014 15:22

Help Broadcast from Jakobstad has now reached the Syrian border in Turkie

Help broadcast from Jakobstad has now reached the Syrian border in Turkie.
Gunilla Luther- Lindqvist and Marita Brandt went off early in the week and returning to Pietarsaari on Friday night. The trip went via Ukraine to Turkey and the city Ganziatep which is their base .
In Ganziatep are a large number of Syrian refugees but no one can say exactly how many . Gunilla Luther- Lindqvist believes that every family who will receive the streets of the city are Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war horrors.
Nada North gets help from SREO.
Association Nada - North can not operate on their own among Syrian refugees in order to advance the help they gathered to Finland. The association cooperates with a Syrian organization called SREO .
SREO stands for Syrian Research and Evaluation Organization . This organization has under Gunilla Luther- Lindqvist, a branch also in Helsinki, Finland.
Nada Nords assistance consists primarily of money to refug camps . But help is advanced on a personal level and directly to individuals on the basis of SREO .
52 people in two rooms and a kitchen
Nada North tries to bring up the help directly to those families who have the greatest need. According to Ms Luther- Lindqvist receive refugees in the camps some sort of help and therefore committed to Nada North not in them.
- We saw an apartment in Ganziatep where it lived 52 people in two rooms and a kitchen . There was not a gadget, nothing in the room except mattresses. The men in one room , women in another. Half of them were children. It was so touching , says Gunilla Lindqvist -Luther .
Among people in the apartment were a man who have sex hildren who had injuries in the back by mortar fire and was incapacitated ,  Nada -North , he got money for an operation.
Nada - North will also visit a hospital in the town of Kilis located at the Syrian border . There, they try to make contact with the organization Doctors Without Borders and the idea is to Nada - North will provide funds to acquire , inter alia prostheses for people who have lost limbs in the fighting in Syria.
What happens next?
Association Nada -Nord has no firm plans for a continuation after this relief effort but it is possible that there will be a continuation .
- Spontaneous feel that we want to think about how we could help in the future. The people have no blankets , pillows . Our dream is to be able to send off a truck from Finland and it should be done before winter comes . We do not understand how these people will survive the winter, says Ms Luther- Lindqvist.