NADA means the hope in the Serbian and Croatian languages ​​.

Its purpose is to jointly own initiative and in cooperation with the Finnish authorities in domestic and international organizations to help children and parents who live in conditions that are detrimental to their physical and mental health . The association is also trying to reunite families who are separated from it. Chances of also involved in sending relief supplies .


NADA - NORTHERN RY . is a politically and religiously independent organization that was established in 1993.

The Association may accept gifts and donations.


The campaign, " look at me , here I am," Account number is GB33 1113 3000 6199 95


 By organizing concerts, selling postcards , pastries, and other similar goods association is able to work . All yields going to the association.



This little poem represents Nada .



there are no limits

seeking their own paths


Wandering yet


always stop to help.

                        Anna Lisa Lönnqvist