Association of NADA - North Association. was established on 7 July 1993 Villa sveden Jakobstad.

Marita Brandt was a signatory to the association notice of the compound NADA register.


In 20 May 1995 was didived in association registered in three different groups . Jakobstad came NADA - NORD rf and Finnish NADA - Pohjoinen Association, Helsinki has a NADA - HOPE rf and Närpes NADA -WEST r.f.


Marita's participation triggered the radio show , Radio Vega . Name of the program was a provocation and led by Stan Saanila .


Marita's 37 years of hard work in the banking sector of the securities was a dramatic ending, when he was found in a bank vault , and with the customer in his safety deposit box. The customer thanked him for all the help over the years , and fell dead on his lap. It was a turning point for Marita and he began to work in relief work among .


The rules are formulated by Astrid Thors .


In this report, NADA - NORTHERN ry.ssä . 1993 , says that the real action started in the days of James July 22-25 1993.Nada has  a sales table, which was responsible for Brita Snellman . It then became a tradition that NADA - NORTHERN Association. James participated in the Days of pea soup and coffee for sale ( 1994-2010) .

Activity was dominated by the export of relief supplies in various locations in Bosnia and Croatia. All in all, Nada helped organize six different transmission , including food, medicine, clothes, toys , flashlights , batteries , heaters and other supplies. The drivers were Karl and Mats Augustsson Tenhola Gullström and Göran Karlsson NÄRPES . .


Campaigns were carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Refugee Council , Fenix, Martha associations, schools, churches, businesses and many volunteers . At the international level , Nada was the first year in cooperation with the Lutheran World Federation and the neighbor , and with Agape .


Nadalla total profit in 1993 was almost 400 000 Mk , which was used in the purchase of materials and cover vehicle expenses to Croatia and Bosnia .